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Figure Skating Competition for amateur skaters

Event time:
January 9–10.2010
Organized by:
Skating club Juna (Tallinn)
Venue of competition:
Premia Ice Rink
Haabersti 3, Tallinn, Estonia

Competition will be held in single skating and pair skating in following age categories:

  1. Single skating:
    Pre-Young (10–12 years)
    Young (13–15 years):
    Young adults (16–25 years)
    Class I (26–35 years)
    Class II (36–45 years)
    Class III (46– 55 years)
    Class IV (56–... years)

  2. Pair Skating

  • The Organizers have the right to combine categories if the number of
    participants requires
  • The judging shall be done in new system (according to ISU regulations)
  • Vocal music is not permitted

Registration of entries:
Entries must be postmarked no later than 26.11.2009. Application forms must be submitted in a written. Please note your contact information (e-mail, phone) on the entry form. The written proof of age (copy of passport or ID) must be sent with application form. Application forms can be sent by e-mail on the following address:

With the entry to the competition, the entry fee must be paid as follows:

Entry fee made before 26.11.2009
Single skating — 60 € per person
Pair skating — 70 € per pair

Entry fee made after 26.11.2009 and before 10.12.2009
Single skating — 70 € per person
Pair skating — 80 € per pair

The entry fee will not be refunded in case of withdrawals. Payment must be made by money order right after you received a confirmation about registration from Organizer but not later than 10.12.2009. We kindly ask the clubs to make one payment for all its participants.

Payment must be made to:
Iluuisutamisklubi Juna
Registry code: 80268389
Address: Retke 30-122,
13419 Tallinn
Phone: +372 55 684 274
Bank account:
Address: 8 Liivalaia St., Tallinn 10118,
Account number: 221041046080
IBAN: EE65 2200 2210 4104 6080

Planned Program Content sheet:
Planned Program Content sheet must be sent no later than 17.12.2009 (see Annex 3). Its not permitted to hand over the Program Content Sheets directly to the competitions Officials during the competition. Changed Program Content Sheet must be turned in upon registration. Planned Program Content sheet can be sent by e-mail on the following address:

Music (equipped with the full name of the competitor, club and category) on CD must be submitted to the announcer’s desk before the relevant event and picked up from the same place after the event.

Competition schedule:
A detailed time schedule will be available 7 days before the competition at the competition website.  
Final timetable shall be announced at the opening draw.

The dinner party will be held after the competition day. The place will be announced during mandate. The fee for one person is 10 €. Please fulfill the application form about your interest in joining the dinner.

The organizer does not pay any expenses of the teams. Travel expenses, and accommondation will be borne by the participants. Expenses related to the competition’s technical management will be covered on account of the entry fees and sponsorship by the Organizer.

Protocol shall be available at the Skating Club Juna website:
The Organizers shall not provide print-outs or CD-s.

The Organizers recommend accomondation in the following hotels:

The nearest hotel to the Premia Ice Rink (15 min. walking distance).

Go Hotel Shnelli
Trolley bus No. 7 provides transportation from the Premia Ice Rink (station “Haabersti”) to the hotel station “Balti jaam” (approx. 25 min. if not a rush hour).

Trolley bus No. 6 provides transportation from the Premia Ice Rink (station “Haabersti”) to the hotel station “Koidu” (approx. 20 min. if not a rush hour).

NB! There is no shuttle-bus service at this competition.

In accordance with ISU Rule 119, the Organizer accepts no liability for injury or for property loss or damage incurred by Competitors or Officials. Each club is expected to provide its own insurance protection.

Jelena Abolina
Julia Abolina
Roman Gotovtshikov
+372 55 684 274
+372 55 692 103
+372 53 737 216



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