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Welcome to figure skating competition Juna CUP 2013 for amateur skaters.


Watch Juna Cup 2013 Awarding on Youtube


Dear Skaters!

Competition has ended. We thank all skaters, judges, coaches and Juna Cup Team!!!
Thank you all for the feedbacks we got to e-mail. It is very important for us to get any comments about competition as it will help to improve organization for the next event.
Don't forget to share your opinion about Juna Cup 2013 in the guestbook and we look forward to see you all next year on Juna Cup 2014!

Juna Cup Team

Order your video in FullHD quality.

Send e-mail to
Subject: JUNA CUP 2013 VIDEO
Price: 20 euro per Programm
Do not forget to specify the name and segment.


You can watch JUNA CUP 2013 live online.

IMPORTANT! Competition will start at 12:30 PM!!!
Practice list you can find under Schedule link.

NEW! We have many skaters in Artistic group and it will be divided in three groups by level:
Artistic Bronze, Artistic Silver and Artistic Gold.

Dear skaters! Please check competition classification.We will use new classification for 2012/2013 season, but there will be no deduction for using Choreo-step sequence (i.e., circular, straight line, serpentine) or Choreo-spiral sequence instead of Choreographic Sequence.

NB!Please let us know (registrate by e mail if you would like to have a PRACTICE.
There will be no possibility to join practice without registration.

Registration ends on Friday 11th of January!!!

Practice will take place at Premia ice-rink on Saturday 19th January in the morning time between 8:30 and 10:20 a.m. Practice fee is 10 EUR (25 min.) or 15 EUR (50 min) and can be paid at the ice rink arena. Music can be played on CD's. Pracice groups will be made by skaters level.

Dear skaters! Please do not forget to fill in PPC list with registration!!!

Competition schedule find here.

Live steam will be broadcasted.

NB!!! You can watch the review (updated!!!) 2 days after competition end.

Entry fee and hotel reservation:
Entry fees and hotel reservation should be paid straightway afrer you get confirmation of registration, but not later than 11.12.2012. Paiment details you can find in the announcement.

Registration of entries:
Entries must be registered online no later than 25.11.2012. on the Juna Skate 2013 website on the following address:

After you click on the "Confirm registration" don't forget to "Send e-mail" to
Thank You.

The Competition Juna Cup 2013 will include the following disciplines:

  • Ladies and Men Free Skating (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Ladies and Men Artistic Free Skating
  • Pairs Free Skating - Pairs Artistic Free Skating
  • Ice Dancing – Free Dance (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Synchronized Skating (NB! 6.0 judging system will be used. The Synchronized Skating competition will not be held unless at least three (3) teams are entered.)

Age categories for ladies and men free skating events:

Young adults skaters born between July 1st, 1984 and June 30th, 1994, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class I skaters born between July 1st, 1974 and June 30th, 1984, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class II skaters born between July 1st, 1964 and June 30th, 1974, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class III skaters born between July 1st, 1954 and June 30th, 1964, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class IV skaters born between July 1st, 1944 and June 30th, 1954, Bronze, Silver and Gold

For Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dancing events both partners must have reached the age of 28 by July 1st , precending the event and must not have reached the age of 71 by July 1st , precending the event.
For synchronized skating all skaters must be reached the age of 18 by July 1st.




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