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Welcome to figure skating competition Juna CUP 2014 for amateur skaters.

Competition is over!

Juna Cup Team would like to thank the volunteers Aleksandra Anikina, Irina Paes, Aleksei Gaidajenko (medic), Gerli Kägi, Karin Vahi, Kaidi Elmik and biggest thanks to Mark Teitelbaum for their help in the competition!!!
Without you all it would not be possible!

We thank all the skaters, judges and officials and we look forward to see you next year on the Juna Cup 2015!!!

Please find results and judges scores under Results.

Dear skaters!!! Banquet party will take place on Saturday at 20:00 at *Talleke ja Pullike* restaurant (Ehitajate tee 109, Tallinn, Eesti, 13514
Please confirm you participation by e-mail (Last chance is on Thursday 12:00AM).
(Welcome drink
, cold and warm dish table are included).
Banquet party is organized by our sponsor and is free of charge for competition participants.
Extra person cost approximately 20-25 EUR (depends on menu).

1. Tatiana Baturinceva
Iouri Tokarev
3. Barbara Stele
4. Chrystel Toutain +1
5. Natalia Karmanova
6. Vetrova Daria
7. Ekaterina Samsonova
8. Svetlana Soboleva
9. Heidi Havukainen +1
10. Marcello Cazzaniga
11. Margarita Starostina +1
12. Hetti Kannelsuo
13. Natalia Klyukovkina
14. Natalia Sablina
15. Olga Dubko +1
16. Lena Hellberg +1
17. Daniela Valloni
18. Rosa Gervasoni
19. Alessandra Tagliabue
20. Cristina Chiassai
21. Hetti Kannelsuo
22. Olga Chepurova

List will be updated...


All competitors can order photo and/or video of their performance. Portrait and ceremony photos as well. Please pre-register by e-mail or in competition area.

Portrait and ceremony photos — 5€
Photos of performance (up to 20 pictures) — 15€
HD Video of competitor performance — 20€

Please note that all Photo CD-s will be given You while ice resurface or in the end of competition day. Videos will be sent to You during the next week. Ask for more information in Photo/Video information point in competition area.

Send Your order with information to e-mail:

E-mail and phone nr.:
Time shedule/category:
Your order:
Photo and/or Video

DRAW will take place on Friday 20:00 at Skoda Ice Rink second floor.

NEW!!! Dear skaters! Please check your practice group, time and practice rink (A/B) on the schedule page.

NB!!! Class I Bronze category will be combined with Young Adults Bronze category.
Class I Silver will be combined with Young Adults Silver category.

Preliminary schedule of competition is available.

Please find practice list in competition shedule.
If you did register but not in the list, please contact

Dear participants!!!

Please pay attention on the competition start. This year we have many entries and competition will start at 10:00 AM.

Juna Cup OC

Dear Skaters!

We apologize for inconvenience with webpage. Registration will be prolonged till 09 of December without extra charges. Juna Cup OC looking forward to see you all in January in Tallinn!

Practice Time Information:

Friday 17th — 21:30
Saturday 18th — 08:00

Practice will take place at Skoda (Premia — old name) ice-rink. Practice fee is 15 € (50 min.) and should be paid with entry fee. Music can be played on CD’s. Practice groups will be made by skater’s level. There is limited number of persons on practice ice. The first 15 registered will get practice for sure.

There is no guarantee to join a practice without registration.

NB!!! We have made age changes for Pairs and Ice Dancers. For Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dancing events both partners must have reached the age of 18 by July 1st, precending the event and must not have reached the age of 71 by July 1st, precending the event.

Juna Cup 2014 will include the following disciplines:

  • Ladies and Men Free Skating (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Ladies and Men Artistic Free Skating
  • Pairs Free Skating — Pairs Artistic Free Skating
  • Ice Dancing — Pattern Dance, Free Dance (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Synchronized Skating (NB! 6.0 judging system will be used. The Synchronized Skating competition will not be held unless at least three (3) teams are entered.)

Age categories for ladies and men free skating events:

Young adults skaters born between July 1st, 1985 and June 30th, 1995, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class I skaters born between July 1st, 1975 and June 30th, 1985, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class II skaters born between July 1st, 1965 and June 30th, 1975, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class III skaters born between July 1st, 1955 and June 30th, 1965, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Class IV skaters born between July 1st, 1945 and June 30th, 1955, Bronze, Silver and Gold

For Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dancing events both partners must have reached the age of 18 by July 1st, precending the event and must not have reached the age of 71 by July 1st, precending the event.
For synchronized skating all skaters must be reached the age of 18 by July 1st.

The Organizers have the right to combine categories if the number of participants requires. The judging shall be done in new system (according to ISU regulations.)


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