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Welcome to figure skating competition Juna CUP 2015 for amateur skaters.

Dear skaters!!!

Thank you for positive feedbacks about competition we got last two days.

Unfortunately one technical mistake appeared during competition in Bronze Ladies Artistic category and results were recalculated.

Information about changes in final protocol results was provided to Estonian Skating Federation. New protocol was accepted.

Congratulations to Minna Matikainen with III place from Juna Cup Team!!! She will get her diploma and Cup by post.

We appologize for this situation and will try our best to avoid mistakes in the future!!!

Juna Cup Team

Juna Cup Team would like to thank all skaters, judges, coaches, guests and officials for warm atmpsphere, fair play and respect for your opponents and sportsmanship spirit!!!!

e look forward to see you next year on the Juna Cup 2016!!!

Special thank to our volunteers Aleksandra Anikina, Polina Tajurskaja, Anastasia Istsanova, Denis Dzjuba, Irina Paes, Aleksei Gaidajenko (medic), Gerli Kägi, Karin Vahi, Kaidi Elmik, Ann Merit Toiger for making all this happend!!!

And biggest thanks to Mark Teitelbaum for his help and support in the competition and beautiful prizes!!

Without you all it would not be possible!

Competition starting order was added!

NB!!! Saturday morning practice time was changed. Please pay attention in what hall your practice group is (A hall or B hall)

Draw and awards ceremony schedule was published.

Photo & video pre-registration.

If You would like to order photo and/or video of Your performance please note that You have to pre-register for that!

Please pre-register in competition area BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE or here!
NB! ONLINE REGISTRATION ends 1 day before the competition


Friday, 23.01.2015.

18:30 at Skoda Ice Rink lobby


20:00 at Skoda Ice Rink

Awards ceremony schedule was added.

You can watch JUNA CUP 2015 live online: isp

Competition schedule was added!

Saturday practice schedule has been changed!
Competition starts 10:00AM!

Entries were added.

NB!!! Please don't forget to send your PPC!
You can send it by e-mail to

Attention all skaters!!! IMPORTANT!!!

Please send what is your regular jacket size from S to XXXL to e-mail:

Banquet information:
The dinner party for participants only will be held after the competition day. The place will be announced during mandate.
Banquet party price is 25 € per person with one welcome drink (alcohol drinks are not included).

January 24th 2015.

Juna Cup 2015 will include the following disciplines:

  • Ladies and Men Free Skating (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters)
  • Ladies and Men Artistic Free Skating
  • Pairs Free Skating — Masters Pairs Free Skating, Pairs Free Skating and Pairs Artistic Free Skating
  • Ice Dancing — Pattern Dance, Short Dance, Free Dance (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters)

Age categories for ladies and men free skating events:

Young adults skaters born between July 1st, 1986 and June 30th, 1996, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters
Class I skaters born between July 1st, 1976 and June 30th, 1986, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters
Class II skaters born between July 1st, 1966 and June 30th, 1976, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters
Class III skaters born between July 1st, 1956 and June 30th, 1966, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters
Class IV skaters born between July 1st, 1946 and June 30th, 1956, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters
Class V skaters born between July 1st, 1936 and June 30th, 1946, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters

Single Artistic category devided by level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters.

For Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dancing events both partners must have reached the age of 18 by July 1st, precending the event and must not have reached the age of 71 by July 1st, precending the event.
For synchronized skating all skaters must be reached the age of 18 by July 1st.

The Organizers have the right to combine categories if the number of participants requires. The judging shall be done in new system (according to ISU regulations.)

Classification for season 2014/2015 will be used.


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