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Figure Skating Competition for amateur skaters

Event time:

2023 January 20-22

Organized by:

Figure Skating club Juna (Tallinn)

Venue of competition:

Škoda Ice Rink


Haabersti 3, Tallinn, Estonia

General Regulations:

As of pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 all participants, Teams, Officials and related personnel are responsible of checking active restrictions and guidelines introdused by Estonian Government, Estonian Health Board and the Organising Committee of the event.


Škoda Icerink, Haabersti 3, Tallinn.

Juna Cup 2023 will include the following disciplines:

  • Single Ladies and Men
    - Free Skating (Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite)
    - Artistic Free Skating (Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite)
  • Solo Ice Dance
    - Pattern Dance (Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters Elite)
    - Free Dance (Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters Elite)
  • Pairs Skating
    - Free Skating (Adult, Intermediate, Masters)
    - Artistic Free Skating (Adult, Intermediate, Masters)
  • Ice Dance
    - Pattern Dance (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite)
    - Rhytm Dance (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite)
    - Free Dance (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite)

Age categories for ladies and men free skating events: 

Pre-Young adults skaters born between July 1st 2004 and June 30th 2009 Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters. Skaters who didn't compete at the national or/and international competitions and does not have any records to compete at any national or/and international competitions
Young adults skaters born between July 1st, 1994 and June 30th, 2004, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters

Age categories for Ladies and Men Free Skating events:
Class I              skaters born between               1st July 1984 and 30th June 1994
Class II             skaters born between               1st July 1974 and 30th June 1984
Class III            skaters born between               1st July 1964 and 30th June 1974
Class IV           skaters born between               1st July 1954 and 30th June 1964
Class V            skaters born on or before         30th June 1954

Single Artistic category devided by level: Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters, Masters Elite.
For Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dancing events both partners must have reached the age of 18 by July 1st, precending the event and must not have reached the age of 71 by July 1st, precending the event.

The Organizers have the right to combine categories if the number of participants requires. The judging will be done in new system (according to ISU regulations). Technical rules for adult figure skating competitions will be used. 

Registration of entries:

Entries must be registered online no later than 12.12.2022 via link:

First Single/Solo event —75€ per person
Second Single/Solo event — 40€ per person

First Pair/Ice Dance event — 95€ per pair
Second Pair/Ice Dance event — 60€ per pair

Practice 25 min ——15€ per person or 25 € per pair

Entries made after 12.12.2022 will be charged extra 10€ per person or 20€ per pair. The entry fee will not be refunded in case of withdrawals.
50% of Payment must be made by money order right after registration during 5 days but not later than 19.12.2022
Second part (another 50%) of entry fee must be made on accreditation apon arrival

NB!!! Please write in payment subject: 
participant/s name/s and category/s; practice and/or banquet (how many persons) payment.

Payment must be made to:

Iluuisutamisklubi Juna
Registry code: 80268389
Address: Retke 30-122,
13419 Tallinn
Phone: +372 55 684 274
Bank account:
Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn
IBAN: EE971010220246616222

Planned Program Content sheet:
Planned Program Content sheet/form must be sent no later than 16.01.2023.
PPC form you can find here:

PPC form

Its not permitted to hand over the Program Content Sheets directly to the competitions Officials during the competition. Changed Program Content Sheet must be turned in upon registration.

Music (equipped with the full name of the competitor, club and category) on CD or USB memory stick must be submitted to the announcer’s desk before the relevant event and picked up from the same place after the event.

Competition schedule: 
A detailed time schedule will be available 7 days before the competition at the competition website.
Final timetable shall be announced at the opening draw.

All event officials, competitors, coasches etc. are requested to register at the „Information and Registration desk“ upon arrival.

An electronical draw will take place on January 18 th, 2023, starting orders will be published on our website: 

Music (mp3 format; equipped with the full name of the competitor, club and category) on CD-R or USB memory stick must be submitted to the announcer’s desk before the relevant event and picked up from the same place after the event. 

Practice (20 min) will take place at Škoda ice-rink. Practice fee is 15 € per person/per practice or 25 € per pair/per practice and should be paid with entry fee. Music can be played on CD's or USB memory stick. Practice groups will be made by skater’s level. There is no guarantee join practice without registration.

The organizer does not pay any expenses of the teams. Travel expenses, and accommondation will be covered by the participants. 
Expenses related to the competition’s technical management will be covered on account of the entry fees and sponsorship by the Organizer. 

Protocol shall be available at the Skating Club Juna website. The Organizers shall not provide print-outs or CD-s.

Recommended hotel with special price for Juna Cup participants and guests is Hotel Rocca Al Mare . Hotel is located only 500 meters from Skoda ice-rink and have a good connection with city center. 
Hotel offers also breakfast, swimming pool and sauna use every morning, Wi-fi, parking. Number of rooms is limited.  For registration please write to and don't forget to mention code "Juna Cup" to get a discount.

Here are three more hotels we can recommend:

And also nice appartments to rent just 10 minutes walking distance from icerink:
Tanuma Home (phone: +372 507 3471)

Public transport and tickets:

From airport to icerink by car/taxy:

From D Terminal to ice rink by car/taxy:

In accordance with ISU Rule 119, the Organizer accepts no liability for injury or for property loss or damage incurred by Competitors or Officials. Each club is expected to provide its own insurance protection.

Additional Information And Contact Persons:

Jelena Abolina

Roman Gotovtshikov
+372 55 684 274
Mo-Fri 9:00-17:00
+372 53 737 216


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